Webradiostats Lite Mobile

Webradiostats Lite Mobile (WRS Lite Mobile ) is a mobile application that provides Real Time listeners statistics for your Shoutcast or Icecast Streaming server with many details . You can see your stats right from inside your Android or IOS mobile device.

This App is mainly for Web Radio Owners or Admins to check anytime , everywhere the listeners .
If your webradio has many streams (different qualities backup streams etc) you can merge all listeners into one page , so you will have the right and complete picture of your audience .

The great feature here is that you can setup many Web Radios and you can switch anytime between them.


  • Active internet connection
  • iPhone or iPad with iOS 7.0 and above OR Android Device
  • Stream Details (IP, Port, Admin User/Password and mountpoint/Sid if needed)
  • Hostnames Lookup in Shoutcast / Icecast server must be off

Specifications :

Number of Listeners

Number of Listeners

Listeners Countries and Cities (Geo IP)

Listeners Countries (Geo IP)

Average and Total Listening time

Average Listening time

Support for Shoutcast v1.x, Shoutcast v2.0

Shoutcast v1.x, Shoutcast v2.x Support

Icecast v2.0 & Icecast v2.0 KH Support

Icecast v2.0 , Icecast v2.0 KH Support

Real Time listeners IP address

Real Time listeners IP address

Sort by Country, City, listening time, Agent and IP

Sort by Country, listening time and IP

Each web radio can have many streams , summing the listeners into one page (additional charge)

Merge listeners of many streams into one page

Multiple Web Radios

Multiple Radios with many streams each


Available for download via  :